Our Services for

The Texoma Region

Grayson County Shelter provides several services for the homeless population. Our services aim to provide structure for the families and individuals at the shelter. Our Shelter offers the following to our residents:

  • A safe, clean and secure temporary home while searching for jobs and housing
  • A telephone number and address to use during employment searches
  • Private rooms for families so they can remain together
  • Meals, personal care items and clothing
  • A minimum 21 day stay allowing opportunity to save income and return to self-reliance
  • On-site washer and dryer facilities
  • A fenced playground for resident's children
  • Referrals for social services and other agencies

Additional services are provided to non-residents as funding and donations allow. These items include: clothing, blankets, diapers and other emergency needs. Many of our clients need a referral for assistance that the Grayson County Shelter cannot provide. These referrals are also a large part of the Shelter's services to the community.

Our Shelter always has one employee on duty to provide security, support and referrals to the clients. This person also accepts donations and works closely with the residents for their needs.