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The Grayson Family Shelter one of the most active Homeless shelters in the North Texas area. As a not-for-profit Homeless Shelter and recognized as a 501(c)3 organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, we are asking for your support. Choosing to make a charitable contribution, may qualify for a tax deduction!

This website is our effort to assist fathers, children, and families beyond our walk-in offices in the Grayson County region. We are families, just like you. Help us share our knowledge and empower families around the corner and around the world by making a donation using the form below.

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Monthly Donations

The Grayson County Shelter, being a non-profit agency, can provide you with a tax-deductible receipt when you make a donation to the shelter. At the present time, the Internal Revenue Service allows donations of at least $250.00 as an eligible deduction.

Memorial Donations

A card is sent to family members when a donation is made in memory of someone who has passed away. Many families are now requesting donations made to a charity instead of flowers when they lose a loved one. This shows the family you have given their family member your respect by honoring them in a way which will help those in need. (The amount of your donation remains confidential.)

Special Occasion Donations

Donations made in someone's honor are also acknowledged by the center with a card or letter sent to that person.A couple of years ago, a senior citizen having her 80th birthday party, asked her guests to make a donation to the shelter instead of getting her presents. This was a great idea! It was easy for her guests and appreciated by the shelter.

Graduations and other occasions have also been the reason to make a donation to the Grayson County Shelter to honor someone special.During the Holidays, sending gifts, which are not needed or will have to be exchanged, can be a problem. Make a donation in the name of someone to the Grayson County Shelter instead. This is something that is easy for you, appreciated by the person in whose name you have made the donation and needed by the shelter to continue helping families in need.