Crowded Closet Gives To The Homeless

We Ask For Your Gifts

Volunteers are needed on a regular basis to sort donations, decorate the windows, restock, and help with residents who are relocating. The stores is located right next door to the Grayson County Shelter and our hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m., 903.327.8060.

The Crowded Closet is a resale shop that was created to assist the Grayson County Shelter. The store has two separate buildings that holds adult and children's clothing, shoes, toys, books, records, furniture, dishes, pots & pans, glassware, collectables, jewelry, and almost anything imaginable. The money collected from the sale of items goes directly to the shelter to assist in paying for utilities, medications, staff salaries, and other neded items at that time.

The residents of the Grayson County Shelter are able to obtain clothing items as needed. When they leave the shelter to go into independent living, the residents are allowed to take furniture, sofas, tables, or any oitem that is available at that time.

They are also provided with dishes, silverware, glasses, pots and pans.The Crowded Closet also assists those less fortunate in the community with clothing, shoes, and coats. They are able to obtain a clothing voucher from the Grayson County Shelter office and then go to the resale shop to obtain clothing items at no cost.

Grayson County Shelter graciously accepts all Donations

We look forward to those who are willing to donate unwanted household items to assist our residents with basic needs as they become self-sufficient