History Of Grayson County Shelter

Meeting The Needs Of our Community

In 1987, The Denison Ministerial alliance realized the need for a facility to provide assistance to the homeless in the community. The Grayson Shelter became incorporated as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization and one year later started providing nighttime services.

In 1988 - Shelter, meals and showers were provide to the homeless community. Only nighttime services were provided.

In 1991 - Due to an increase in displaced families, the Grayson Shelter changed to a family oriented facility and began operations on a 24 hour basis. This provided a temporary "home" to the clients who could be given more support and assistance to end their homelessness. Priority is given to families with children.The community supports the facility with donations of clothing, food, personal care products, cleaning supplies, school supplies and other necessities. Monetary support is solicited from all resources. Individuals, churches, civic groups, private and government foundations and fundraisers help to bring in the much needed funds to keep the facility open and operating on a 24 hour basis.

"There has not been one day since the Shelter started operation that a service was not offered to a client in need."